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The next generation agency is based on collaboration,
The team with the best players wins.

We pay less for Employee Benefits

Benefits are a large part of the spend for most employers, yet employers often don’t take the time to calculate the ROI of their benefit offerings. We put metrics in place to track and verify that the benefits package is meeting our goals and providing an acceptable level of return.

We collaborate with the best talent nationally and internationally to make sure we pay less. RX Spend is the fastest rising cost inside healthcare plans today. We have strategies to help.

We Save Money on RX Spend

Check out our case study in "Shared Values, Shared Results" on how we engage employees with measurable results and no financial incentives.

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Leadership Strategies are needed to prevent the downward death spiral of rising healthcare costs.
Our clients pay less with our strategic planning and implementation processes. We have case studies of clients saving 20%+ on their benefit premiums year after year. We have helped clients save up to 25%+ on workers compensation insurance premiums and have reduced unemployment cost by half.